Inspired Transformational Energies


"Kelle, Your work is extraordinary! I've spent years going to other people for help with my particular issue. And as gifted and talented as they all were, none were able to help me. After two sessions with you, it's done. I'm a new person! Thank you for doing what you do so well. Healed and grateful." ~ JV

"I highly recommend Kelle! For anything that is ailing you mentally or physically. I call her my angel on Earth. I first went to Kelly because I was having headaches, she found a area in my back and told me about it, she was right that I had pain in my back for a long time right in that spot. Not only did my headaches stop but the pain in my back was gone too! I love Kelle!!!" ~ SA

"What I love so much about Kelle is her big heart AND her neutrality – or should I say her professionalism. I feel seen and accepted by her, warts and all. There is a calm radiance about her, and I trust her completely. I highly recommend her." ~ NH

"Kelle really listens and is very caring. She's definitely the real deal. I've seen significant immediate results after working with her. Everything from physical ailments to stuck emotional patterns have healed with her help. Definitely recommended." ~ CT

"I wanted to let you know how great my energy has been feeling since our session. I have had a very deep sense of serenity, clarity, mellowness, and internal order since my session with you. Thank you again a million times! I will keep you updated on my progress and I look forward to seeing you again!" ~ TW

"I want to thank you for the work you have done on me. I should say magic. I have been carrying a lot on my shoulders lately and just a few visits with you I feel 100% better.Thank you so much. You have a way of making people feel comfortable and relaxed. You are so caring and compassionate about what you do and I would highly recommend you. Everyone needs a Kelle in their life." ~ S

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience of Quantum Energetics with Kelle. She has a true gift in this unique healing art and a generous spirit that gently guides it. With her help, I have made significant shifts (more like quantum leaps!) in my life. I found that this subtle, yet powerfully transformative energy work has touched me not only on a mental-emotional level, but has precipitated profound physical changes within my body. Where I had once been "stuck" I have new found freedom. And it just keeps getting better. Thank you Kelle!" ~ CC

"I was referred to Kelle Evans during a time of emotional turmoil. I found myself confused and circumstances around me out of control. After the first session I was moved back to center and able to focus on the issues at hand in a very calm and directed manner. I have since made regular appointments and have been able to move through the tough times with grace and ease." ~ KB

"The healing hands of Kelle Evans are a blessing to the world. Kelle's hands are strong and loving whether they are giving massage, flowing with Reiki, or simply channeling the energy of peace and wholeness to the recipient. Kelle's heart and hands are transforming the world, one person at a time. I know she is transforming my life more positively each time we come together!" ~ JS

Kelle has changed my life! She has given me so many great tools to create a more peaceful and productive energy to work and live in. I have been able to reduce the amount of medication I take at night to sleep and have found a much greater sense of calm and peace in my life. Thank you Kelle for sharing your gift!! ~ GL

After my last session with Kelle, I experienced a new emotion, one I was so unfamiliar with, it took me a couple days to name it--contentment! Kelle's toolbox of energy work is powerful and effective and keeps me balanced and connected to myself and my world. She is insightful, practiced and professional. A session with Kelle leaves me feeling whole and complete! ~ JBS


"My recent appointment with Kelle at The Healing Portal was for a therapeutic massage for relief of lower back pain. What a fantastic experience! She is amazingly intuitive, finding the tension areas that caused my back issues, but also finding tension in my upper back and neck that I was unaware of. My headaches are gone and I am feeling great! I will surely visit Kelle again, both for massage and for her amazing energy work as well." ~ ABR

"My massage session with Kelle was the best ever. Really! She has healing hands and she is talented in bringing forth healing energies. I can't say enough about her. One really needs to experience Kelle's massage to appreciate her ability. I recommend her to all my friends." ~ BS

"Kelle gifted me with the absolute best massage I have ever experienced. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of TLC for their body, mind and spirit – because her approach is more than just a physical massage. In particular, Kelle has a very unique touch coupled with energy-shifting intent that is penetrating on so many levels." ~ SH


"Kelle's gentle and insightful, powerful healing techniques removed blocks to myself that have been with me for literally years. This profound and transformational session created a huge life change for me. After the session I went home, and found a wonderful teacher to deepen my piano skills so I can learn to accompany my own songs - something I have been yearning to do for years, but felt like it was too late! As a singer/performer, this means such a great deal. I feel re-ignited in my passion and creative fire once more, ready to let this new musical journey unfold to see where it leads. I am so grateful." ~ SD

"After experiencing Holy Love, I feel much more content and more open-hearted. Something definitely shifted because I have sometimes experienced sadness, and, for the last month [ever since Holy Love], I just feel lighter. I hold my stress in my right shoulder blade into my neck and that has released and has not come back. Truly, a wonderful experience! Thank you, Kelle!" ~ LO

"I cannot thank Kelle enough for her support in this process - she is a beautiful soul - funny, deep, wise, compassionate, grounded and a great teacher, flowing with the energy of what is needed in any moment. I cannot recommend her or any of the healing modalities she offers, highly enough. And if you want to change your life for the better and discover your true path and open to your deepest wisdom, then take the Holy Fire ignitions with her. You won't regret it." ~ SD

"I was lucky to be able to experience Kelle Evans Holy Love session and it has been a gentle, loving and relaxing transformation. Sweet energy continues to reside with me ever since the event." ~ WK

"Kelle, I just wanted you to know the profound effect and shift my appointment with you has made for me.... I am absolutely lighter and able to celebrate the moment so much more. I am laughing more and thinking, saying and embracing TRUST countless times daily. I wake and express gratitude for being here. I never felt like I fully belonged here until now. THANK YOU." ~ K