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Reiki Training

Reiki is a form of energy healing. The word Reiki actually means "universal energy". It is what we are all made up of. Reiki practitioners are trained and gifted with the ability to access this universal energy, and share it with others for the purposes of relaxation and healing—and if desired, for spiritual growth.

My personal & professional experience tells me that just about anybody or anything, whether a person, a condition, an animal, or situation can benefit from Reiki in some way. Whether the intention is for direct healing, or just to create a relaxed, balanced, life-affirming and nourished energetic state, either one is a desirable outcome! To receive a Reiki treatment is a lovely experience. To train to be a conduit for Reiki energy (at any level) is even nicer. You can apply the always beneficial Reiki energy to yourself, and also gift it to others. Even if you just take Reiki 1 Class, this is a step towards changing your life forever.

I am both a Certified Usui/Holy Fire, & Karuna/Holy Fire Master Teacher, having received my certifications through the International Center for Reiki Training. I was one of the first to receive the Holy Fire energies in my Holy Fire/Karuna Attunement at Stonehenge, during a full moon. That experience changed my life forever, in very beautiful and powerful ways.

Here are the descriptions of the Reiki Trainings I offer. Whichever level of training you choose, I invite you, too, to change your life forever.


Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 – Gifts you with the ability to do Reiki on yourself and others. We have a discussion about "what is Reiki". Your hands are "attuned" to the Reiki energies and you will be taught hand positioning for full treatments on yourself and others. You will learn different tools and how to use them. We will also discuss how to work with clients, if you choose to, and the Code of Ethics. You will receive the Ocean Of Holy Love Experience, which in itself is amazing!

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level 2 – Reiki 2 deepens your knowledge of Reiki and how to use it. You will be taught to work with sacred Reiki symbols and gifted with the ability to work with long distance healing. This is an extraordinarily powerful class.

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki ART (Advanced Reiki Training) or Master Practitioner – The next step in Usui/Holy Fire training is the ART training. You will be attuned to the Usui Master Symbol, along with receiving the powerful Ignitions of Holy Fire. You will learn to work with crystal and stones for healing. The profound healing and expansion that comes with this class is so joyful, so empowering!


Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher – When you are ready to share this unique and powerful gift with students of your own, this class will teach you how to perform Healing Attunements, give Usui attunements, Holy Fire Ignitions, and conduct Holy Love workshops. This is a three day intensive training that will launch you into your next evolution as a Reiki Master/Teacher!


Karuna/Holy Fire Master – Karuna means the spiritual essence of universal compassion. This highly evolved Reiki energy blends beautifully with the universal love vibration of Usui Reiki. You must be a Usui Master for at least 6 months to take this 3 day intensive training. Karuna training offers 8 symbolic symbols that resonate at unique, and powerful vibration to achieve even deeper healing, connection to guides, healing past lives, healing karma, manifesting, creating peace, and so much more.

Holy Love Experience Workshops - Holy Love Experience The Holy Love Experience is an aspect of Holy Fire Reiki that is normally gifted in Reiki class, but is also available to offer to the public as a life changing Reiki journey or mediation.

Holy Love via the Holy Fire Reiki energy installs Divine Love more clearly and deeply into one's soul. Divine love is a special kind of love that is highly refined, and has a higher level of consciousness than human love. This Divine Love manifests as the feeling of being loved by a kind and wonderful energy, of being cared for by an energy that knows you and is able to take care of your needs. It is a feeling of being safe. It is a healing and enhancement of your own ability to love. It is an energy similar to life energy that flows throughout your body and your entire being, and is part of who you are. It soothes and relaxes and nurtures and heals very deeply.

Sometimes during a Holy Love Experience, blocks that occurred in your lifetime that have halted your growth are spontaneously healed and cleared. Sometimes, ancestral issues, birth trauma, and issues with parents are healed. During or after the Holy Love Experience, you may be aware of what is being healed, or you may not—but regardless, the experience is likely to change your frame of reference, your very way of being. Most everyone who has experience this lovely process has been deeply moved by it.