Inspired Transformational Energies

I believe that there are many paths to healing, and at different times in our lives and evolution, one healing modality will be a perfect fit, and then we find it's time for another. This is why I have studied many, many healing approaches… because we are all different, and having more tools available allows me to create the perfect healing session for you—for what you need right now.

I had always had an interest in alternative medicine; herbs, supplements, flower essences, homepathics, etc. Looking for natural approaches to my own health. I officially began my healing career by studying massage therapy: Swedish, Barefoot, and Sports massage. Then I began branching out into Reflexology, Hot Stone, Craniosacral work, and Aromatherapy. Motivated by a strong desire to help clients heal ever more deeply, I then moved into the study of energy healing and vibrational medicine. I draw from all of these modalities in my work, custom blending them to each person's needs.


• Usui/Holy Fire (Formerly Tibetan) Reiki Master/Teacher
• Karuna/Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher
• Reiki Classes
• Holy Love Workshops (An aspect of Holy Fire Reiki)

• Advanced Pulse
• Quick Pulse
• Rolodex
• Surrogate
• Energy Clearing & Balancing
• Distance Clearing

• Reiki-Sonics; Tuning Forks, Drumming, Toning, Singing Bowls
• Shamanic Sound Healing; Drumming/Rattles, Toning
• Intuitive Toning

SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER – Integrative Core Shamanism
• Fire Ceremonies
• Journeying
• Intuitive Healing

• Grounding Techniques
• Protection Techniques
• Manifestation Techniques
• Clearing Techniques
• Healing Techniques


• Swedish, Barefoot, and Sports massage
• Animal Massage & Healing

Other Areas of Study that complement treatment strategies:

• Sacred Crystal Healing
• Multi-Dimensional Healing
• Pan Harmonic Healing
• Guided Mediations
• EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
• Magnetics
• Cold Laser Therapy
• Soul Guidance
• Spiritual Coaching
• Homeopathy
• Flower Essences
• Herbology
• Supplements

For more than a decade I have been on this journey of discovery, seeking mastery of new skills for the mind-body-spirit wellness of my clients. Here are some of the modalities and techniques I offer, often combined together for the perfect session. You will be able to read about them more fully in the Services section.

Kelle Evans - Master Energy Practitioner

I have been called a "Lamp Lighter," as I gently assist those who are new to energy healing. At the other end of the spectrum, I am also referred to as "The Healer's Healer". Regardless of which category you fall under, this rich palette of training combined with my strong natural healing ability allows you and I to custom blend your session for your optimal healing experience.

You can work with me in person at my Ventura Studio, or we can work remotely. Energy healing is just as powerful via phone or Skype, as it is when conducted in the same room! I work with clients worldwide. To read more about distance healing sessions, click here.

My ultimate goal is to help people heal themselves. To help them relax and find balance. To find peace in a hectic world. And I am excited to teach those who are interested in learning how to do this for themselves and others. See my events page to find out about class offerings.

If I can be of service to you, or if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact me.



Cody, the wonder dog came from the Hurricane Katrina rescue effort. He is an amazing dog and is often present during healing sessions. Cody has been attuned to Reiki Level 2-- although he was a healer dog from the very beginning!